Burggarten is a German term that refers to a castle garden. It is typically a formal garden that is located within the grounds of a castle or palace, and may include a variety of landscaped features such as ornamental fountains, statues, flower beds, and manicured lawns.

Burggarten gardens are often designed to be aesthetically pleasing and provide a peaceful retreat for the castle’s occupants. They may also serve practical purposes, such as providing a source of fresh produce for the castle’s kitchens or serving as a hunting ground for the castle’s nobility.

Burggarten gardens can be found throughout Germany and other European countries, and many are open to the public for visitors to explore. Some notable examples include the Burggarten in Vienna, which is located adjacent to the Hofburg Palace and features a butterfly house and palm house, and the Burggarten in Heidelberg, which is located on the grounds of Heidelberg Castle and features a variety of flowering plants and scenic views of the Neckar River.

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